Can she do it? Can she really stop shopping?

Can she do it? Can she really stop shopping?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Posts Have Been Sporadic, or My Loss of Mojo

Obviously, posting has been pretty slow lately.  I apologize for that and I really want to finish some posts I've started and write some new ones, but I'm in the midst of a rather large and unwelcome upheaval in my apartment.  I was just getting really into finishing my quilt top, really plugging along and feeling great, when everything had to be put on hold.  I have an 85% finished silk maxi skirt that is also awaiting finishing. Not to mention wearing. 

I feel like my creative mojo has been sapped and it's bringing me down. 

But I will tell you, Spring Meaning is nothing compared to this and I have yet again been forced to confront the amount of things I own.  Every time I think I have dispensed with the most I can, I seem to be able to go back and find more to get rid of.  That is encouraging, but it also brings on more guilty feelings about what I have.  I mean really, it's not like there's some magic number of dresses one should own.  I am quite sure I have too many, but how many more do I need to get rid of to feel like I have the appropriate number?  This thinking launches me into a downward spiral of guilt, shame, and existential internal bickering about consumerism . 

So please stay tuned, I think this upheaval will spawn a post about donating, consigning, and/or throwing away at least.  I also have an unused maxi dress turned maxi skirt tutorial in the hopper, and some interesting perspectives on not buying new from other bloggers.

Necklace from P.S.- I Made This tutorial, bracelet from my tutorial
It's not all sad though folks, I am wearing two DIY accessories that are literally brightening my day.  Have you ever had any life road blocks or bumps that got you down?  How do you conquer mojo loss?  I'd love some thoughts, cause I could use it and I assume others can too!


  1. If you have the space, people have sworn by the "add to the closet" exercise. Over a year, you begin by moving all of your clothes to another location, then as you want to wear something add it back into your closet. Anything not brought back to the closet after a year goes. You could do it in sections, say summer dresses. :-)

    1. I like that idea! Though it would require some serious space, or even more upheaval. It's like challenging the "have I worn this in the past year?" practice, which can be less effective as it can be hard to remember.

      The whole thing is accelerating my thinking about personal style, use of items, and parting with things you remember fondly that still fit because of evolution of taste/style. I'm trying to become okay with it.

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